Perpetual Fundraising For Groups, Churches, Associations
 and Non-Profit Organizations

Break The Cycle With Perpetual Fundraising

For organizations, raising capital is an ongoing process. And since most fundraisers only provide temporary funds, this makes achieving goals a bit more challenging. Organizations spend a great deal of time, money and energy developing different types of fundraising events each year but once the event is over, the revenue stops and the cycle must start again.

With only so many fundraisers to be held each year, we can offer a program that provides continuous revenue long after the end of the initial campaign. Associations, groups and any non-profit organization can earn thousands of dollars through sponsorship of our long distance services to its members. This is a true win-win situation!

From churches, to schools, to trade associations, to radio stations, or network marketing companies, an affinity group program with the Telecom-Pros can accomplish a lot for any group. We've developed a fabulous win-win opportunity to help any fundraising organization with it's ability to raise income, and we'd love to do the same for you.

FundraisingThe concept of collective buying to obtain volume discounts is certainly not unique. Neither is the idea of sponsors providing benefits to members and associates that they could not acquire alone. Such ideas are the backbone of franchise businesses, chambers of commerce, credit unions, buying groups, consortiums, or other organizations that form in order to achieve stronger positioning, improved service or better pricing.

The central platform for our affinity program is to provide your organization's members with real cost reductions on their long distance services as one of the many benefits of being affiliated with your organization, while using the program as an effective revenue generation vehicle.

Fundraising is getting more difficult these days. With one of our affinity programs, your organization can provide a true service to your members and support your organization in the process. We've been managing affinity group programs for years, and can do the same for you.

Think Of What You Could Do With The Extra Money!

Every month we will return at least 5% of every long distance phone call your members and supporters make, and pay it directly to the organization. And by bringing the two of us together, you are entitled to a piece of the pie as well! The following shows the potential monthly income your organization can receive based on 5% and an estimated average monthly usage of $35.


























And if yours is a business-to-business organization, you can expect to make a whole lot more as the average business spends around $300 a month on long distance. Over time, this can really start to add up! Additional benefits of our Affinity long distance program include ...

  • Generates significant, long-term revenue for the organization.
  • Strengthens the allegiance of current members to the organization.
  • Reduces the cost of all long distance telephone usage for members.
  • Provides value-added services for prospective members, attracting new membership.
  • Provides the organization with outstanding discounts on their own long distance service.
With our program, the above objectives can be accomplished with as little diversion of the organization's management time as possible - both during development and ongoing program administration. Additionally, the program is simple for the organization to sell, and provides direct ongoing customer service and support to members throughout the program.

Members save money on their long distance, the organization makes a monthly income based on members' usage, and we handle all the details. Sound easy? It really is with the Telecom-Pros!
Let's discuss your opportunities, you'll be amazed at what we can do together.

We have the answer to your fundraising needs, contact us today!

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