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With just about every discount long distance company claiming to have the lowest rate, who can you trust?

TELECOM_PROS.COM You've probably heard it all before. Just about every discount long distance company claims to have the lowest rates right? But how many are willing to show you exactly what you'll save, before you sign up? We will.

We represent several carriers and together we'll determine which of our Services is best for you. With one of our programs you can even receive your first month of long distance absolutely FREE just to try the service!

TELECOM-PROS.COMAssociations, groups, and non-profit organizations can earn thousands and thousands of dollars through sponsorship of our services to it's members. Our perpetual Fundraising programs can't be beat, and we handle all the details.

Still working forty hours a week, making someone else rich? We're always looking for Agents and Webmasters who are interested in marketing our services. Both career and part-time opportunities are available.

TELECOM-PROS.COM No doubt you like to save money. And we're pretty sure you're just as fed up with the gimmicks and "black boxes" as we are, right? Keep an open mind, and Compare our rates. You'll find that not all long distance companies are alike.

If you like what you see, and no doubt you will, just Contact us. We'll answer any questions you have, and prove to you beyond a doubt that we can save you money. What do you have to lose? Besides 25% - 75% of your phone bill that is ...

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