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Who Are We?

We are an organization of Independent Telecommunications Consultants, and represent 4 of the top 5 long distance carriers in the U.S. Through strategic business alliances, we continue to diversify our line of communications products and services to provide consumers with a range of new, proven high-tech products at extremely competitive prices.

Our core product line is 1+ long distance service, and our customer mix ranges from single line residential customers to major corporations utilizing sophisticated voice and data networks. But whether you spend $20 or $2,000 a month on long distance, we guarantee you'll get all of our attention, and the best rates in the industry. Our mission is to:

  • Help customers make the right decisions with FREE consulting and auditing services.
  • Provide the highest communications value at the absolute best market pricing.
  • Continually pursue cost-effective solutions for our customers.
  • Guarantee satisfaction with our services and customer care.
  • Show you that not all long distance companies are alike.
What Do We Do?

We are not resellers. Unlike resellers who have responsibilities other than customer support (such as billing and collection), our customers are direct customers of the network provider, and are billed directly by the carrier or quality reseller. This allows us to focus completely on customer support, with the ability to respond immediately to any problem as well as any opportunity.

Our innovative combination of business and marketing strategies has enabled us to command an ever-increasing market share of the long-distance market. Because the companies we represent don't spend millions of dollars a year advertising, we are able to pass the savings on to you. Currently we offer the following services at practically unbeatable rates:

  • Residential long-distance
  • Commercial long-distance
  • Toll-Free 800/888 service
  • International service
  • Standard and pre-paid calling cards
  • Nationwide paging products/services

Why Are We Your Best Choice?

We are dedicated to the single-minded goal of providing the best in communications value, through the combination of superior quality and great pricing. We have been very successful by providing superior customer care, while continuously searching out and offering the best products at the lowest price. Forget the "black boxes," hype, smoke and mirrors - we will save you money.

Although we have close ties to our carriers, our allegiance remains, rightly, with our customers. We "go to bat" regularly on behalf of our customers, navigating the communications maze and accomplishing much more in much less time than otherwise possible by our customers alone. We do this by assessing customer requirements in a consultative fashion.

We then apply our expertise and multiple product offerings to tailor the service and ensure the most cost-effective rates available. The final step is to provide the support necessary to successfully implement our recommended program. Our close working relationships with multiple vendors ensures an experience that leaves nothing to chance.


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